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Just Pompeii

Tour :


About the tour

Pompeii is a remarkable archaeological site in southern Italy that attracts thousands of visitors each year. The ruins of this ancient Roman city have been preserved for centuries, providing an extraordinary insight into what life was like two thousand years ago. A tour of Pompeii is a captivating experience, where one can see the ancient amphitheatre, the House of the Faun, and the preserved casts of the victims, among many other sites. Despite the city's tragic end in AD 79, Pompeii's legacy offers an invaluable glimpse into the Roman way of life. This site is a testament to human resilience and determination in the face of natural disasters, and we are fortunate to be able to learn from these ancient ruins today.


Duration : 4 hours

What is included

  • Pick-up and Drop-off from your accomodation

  • Parking

  • Gasoline

What is not included

  • Tickets

  • Guide (it's possible on request)

  • Lunch

This tour can be personalized adding Herculaneum, Vesuvius and Wine Experience

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