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If you are planning a Mediterranean cruise, be sure to add Sorrento, Napoli, and Salerno to your shore excursions list. These coastal towns are filled with history, culture, and stunning views that are not to be missed. Sorrento, known for its charming narrow streets, delicious limoncello, and breathtaking vistas of the Bay of Naples, is a must-visit. Napoli, the birthplace of pizza, is a vibrant city that boasts impressive art and architecture, colourful markets, and impressive archaeological sites. Finally, Salerno, with its beautiful seafront promenade, medieval old town, and impressive Duomo, is the ideal place to relax and soak in the charm of the Amalfi coast. Each of these towns is a gem, and a shore excursion to experience the uniqueness and bold character that only these destinations can offer, should be the priority for any traveller looking to make the most of their Mediterranean cruise.

Shore excursions in Sorrento, Napoli and Salerno are an unparalleled opportunity for travelers to dive headfirst into the vibrant culture, rich history and stunning scenery of southern Italy. With its rugged coastal cliffs, crystal-clear waters and picturesque villages, Sorrento is a true adventure seekers' paradise. Meanwhile, Napoli boasts some of the most impressive ancient ruins in the world, including the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum, while Salerno is renowned for its rich culinary traditions, including the world-famous mozzarella di bufala cheese. Whether you're a dedicated foodie, history buff or simply looking to experience the breathtaking beauty of this region, a shore excursion in Sorrento, Napoli or Salerno is an absolute must. So come, explore and discover the magic of southern Italy for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

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